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Testing required for high school graduation

Students are required to complete Writing, Reading, and Math testing in order to graduate.  Students must pass these tests or meet the testing criteria in order to graduate from high school. 

  • The writing test is first given in 9th grade.  Students must score a 3.0 or higher on this test in order to pass it.
  • The Reading test is first given in 10th grade.  Students must pass with a scale score of 50 or higher in order to meet graduation requirements.
  • The math test is first given during the 11th grade year and students must have a scale score of 50 or higher to pass.

Minnesota Department of Education Parent MCA Information Sheet:    Arabic  Chinese  Hmong  Khmer  Laotian  Russian  Somali  Spanish  Vietnamese 

Minnesota Department of Education Testing Information:

MCA Test Dates

2020/2021 Testing Dates TBD

Keep an eye on this page or talk to Mary Gannon!

Retest Dates

See Mary Gannon for specific dates.

2020/2021 Dates will come out in Spring 2021